I am a cellist, composer, and multi-instrumental teacher. I perform my own music, as well as that of the standard classical tradition. I’m also experienced as a collaborator, working with musicians and artists across a broad spectrum of genres and mediums. My personal compositional style draws freely from classical music – early music to the present day – as well as pop, jazz, hip hop, and other genres. I seek to write music that is complex, but direct in its expression, blending facets of contrasting styles in fresh and unexpected ways, to convey clear and nuanced musical ideas.

I’ve written extensively for cello and loop pedal, exploring the possibilities and limitations of the combination. “Cello Loops” is my most substantive piece, written in 7 movements, and lasting over 80 minutes. Other compositions include concert music for keyboard, chamber music, and music for meditation.

As an arranger, I’ve composed and recorded a number of string arrangements for songwriters and bands. I’ve worked with Mary Bichner, The Shills, and Bent Knee, among others. I’ve also appeared on Sirius Radio and MTV Unplugged.

I was the founder of the “Composer Focus” concert series, in residence at the Lilypad in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We specialized in 20th century chamber music, featuring works by Britten, Bartok, Shostakovich, Schnittke, Ligeti, and others.

Other performing experiences have included a recital on baroque cello at the New York Historical Society and classical recitals at The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA, and Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center.

Outside of my performing career, I’m also a dedicating teacher. I offer lessons in violin, viola, cello, and piano. Please visit my teaching website for further details.

My primary cello teacher was George Neikrug, who taught me the Dounis method – a deep pedagogical approach that combines physical awareness, artistic expression, and an analytical mindset. I studied composition and analysis with John Howell Morrison, took piano lessons with Paul Jacobs and violin lessons with Virginia Neikrug. I also learned a great deal about teaching through independent reading on the learning process, creativity, and musical analysis.