My teaching starts with the goals and aspirations of my students – the steps to achieve them naturally follow. The best teaching leads you, the student, to a place where you can teach yourself. That’s my purpose as a teacher.

I provide the knowledge, guidance, and personal support to empower you to make music your way. I love getting to know each of my students, helping them find their own, unique voice. Through this approach, I have the privilege of witnessing you bring something completely new into the world.

My students include:

– A young child (violin), eager to explore and express themselves creatively.

– A college student (cello), perfecting their technique for a solo performance.

– A retiree (cello) who plays music for relaxation, focus, and community.

– A busy professional (piano). They took a few years of lessons as a kid, but are now focused playing the music that they enjoy the most.

I teach cello, violin, viola, and piano, a reflection of my knowledge of the Dounis method, a revolutionary approach to instrumental learning that connects musicians with their natural instincts, enabling playing to be effortless. I also incorporate the latest in practice strategies, so that practice itself becomes a rich and satisfying experience. Improvisation and composition are also wonderful tools for self-expression and musical exploration that we can incorporate into our lessons.

As a student, you will not only receive personalized instruction, but a practice plan, online lesson notes, and between-lesson feedback. For very young students, I offer “color-based” music reading, which is both fun and effective.

Contact me today to let me know what you’d like music to be for you, and find out what I have to offer. Let’s have a conversation!


I’ve studied cello with Nick for the better part of a year, and I can attest to the fact that he’s a phenomenal teacher. As a concurrent student and teacher myself, I appreciate three main qualities in a teacher: mastery of material; flexible but structured pedagogy, and genuine connection with students. Nick demonstrates all three of these qualities. – Andrew, graduate student

Nick has been teaching cello to our two kids (ages 11 and 9) for about 10 months. He has been a wonderful teacher. My daughter has made significant progress that his cello teacher at school commented several times how well she plays. – Jing